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    First, I am a lovely human being who in real life is so busy with personal life and work and I want you to respect that. My availability for real-time sessions (which is my hobby and not work) is only from Monday to Friday from 6 pm onwards to 8 pm. Then on weekends Saturday and Sunday I have as well whole days availability but this is also depending on the dungeon which is the

    @Maison de Debauch

    availability. So this is why I required you to email Me or WhatsApp Me with your time and availability to connect with Me and My trainee as well, the more the merrier, for tributes you have to inquire about it as well.

    For the online session chat for an hour, voice call, or video call – (to be announced) this can be discussed when you email Me as well. So basically all inquiries and to interact with Me are through email and Whatsapp, and if you are shy to message Me, adore and make Me happy to regularly send tributes through Paypal, Amazon wishlist, and a lot of ways how to make Me smile and adoration.
    Any type of inquiries including key holding, being My adult baby, slut and whore, and a lot more.
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    Mini Party with Latinas!

    Short notice but here it is!
    Introducing Mistress Alexia Latina.

    She will come to visit Edinburgh and you sissies and slaves have a chance to meet her and session with her next week.

    Me and Mistress Alexia will have a double mini party (strap-on, whipping, boots, or feet worship) afternoon experience in Maison De Debauch on Wednesday 23th of March from 2-4 pm for only £100.

    So what are you waiting for? Apply here charlyn.mizz@gmail.com & mistressalexia97@gmail.com.

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    Pegging Party 9th March

    With two sittings 1-4 pm and 5-8 pm join four Mistresses for a day of Pegging. £160 for attendance at either session, contact Ava Von Medisin if you are up to attending both.

    Joining Miss Ava shall be Mistress Inka, Mistress Charlyn, and Mistress Ava’s touring companion Miss Patricia.

    Miss Ava will be dealing with bookings for this event and to reserve your place you may contact her directly through any of the routes below.

    Spaces are limited for a unique afternoon/evening in the company of four competent and enthusiastic Ladies.

    Web: avavonmedisin.com
    Twitter: @AvaVonMedisin
    Email: avavonmedisin@yahoo.co.uk

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    How I tease

    How do I tease? I want to tie you up in a chair, gagged you in My dirty worn panty, tapped it around your mouth, put nipple clamps in your pathetic nipples, plugged you with a large size butt plug, locked you in pink chastity, and put you in the corner while I’m having fun and masturbating My lovely body while in My nice see-through pink lingerie and with black lace stocking and garter belt with a nice black satin panty. I will be playing in My pussy and letting you watch Me playing Myself with My pocket rocket while I cum and cum many times and let you smell the cum from My fingers 😉

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    Hello My bitches,
    I posted this on board but I will post it here too! This is what you are to be from the moment you awake till you sleep. This is what you are to learn, to feel, and embrace every day. If you wish to serve Me and feel the honor of being Mine then you must feel this every moment. Learn the Mantra and be one of worth and use and purpose for Me! Feel honor it is to be Mine always and make Me pleased…

    As the day rises i will think of Mistress
    And when i feel my cage against my skin i will thank my Goddess
    And i will worship Mistress as She deserves to be
    And She will do with me what She desires for i am Her property

    For this is the role that i have been given and i want more
    i love my Mistress and She is all i adore

    i will be ready from the minute i rise in the morning sun
    And i will wait patiently for my Mistress to come
    And i will pay tribute to my Mistress every day
    for She is to be praised, worshiped, and respected in every way
    my body, my thoughts, and my soul are Hers to command
    And i will allow Her to mold me into what She wishes for I am only a submissive man

    For this is the role that i have been given and i desire more
    i love my Mistress and She is all i adore

    i will give all i have to better Mistresses life
    and i will be happy that she acknowledges my feelings, my thoughts, and allows me to have limited rights
    And i will never deliberately disobey
    and i will never backtalk, question, yell, or throw Mistresses life into disarray
    i will strive to make my Mistress pleased
    and be thankful to be Hers as i bow on my knees
    i will always be pretty, chaste and begging for the key
    And i will beg like the slut i am and kneel as Her sissy
    But as the dreams fade from the night and the day begins once again for me
    i will smile knowing that i serve my Mistress
    and i am honored
    To be Her property