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    The Big Bang Party

    Here is your LIMITED chance to serve us all, there will be another event/party on 17th of November Friday from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, tickets are here EVENTBRITE.

    This a chance for you to serve us all, show how worthy you are to our presence, and see how far you can embrace from your inner soul, there will be lots of fun in this event depending on what you can handle, we are there to inflict it and making your dreams come true. I know you crave this, even a first-timer can join and you might be surprised yourself that you can handle more and more. Don’t stop and keep on exploring, life is too short to be that kind of person. Come and join the fun, you will get addicted !!

    The party consists of lovely Mistresses from Miss Alice Snow, Mistress Sunny, Mistress Maze & ME !