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    Testimonial from A


    When I saw a retweet of a tweet by you looking for a masochist for a session/filming I knew I had to send you a message. When you replied and asked to see me I was excited but also a bit nervous. A Mistress looking for a masochist is going to play hard so I knew you were going to inflict severe pain.
    Yesterday I was anxious and nervous about our first session. However, I was excited at the prospect of submitting it to you. As soon as you let me into the Maison de Debauche and I met you I felt calm and relaxed.
    You had laid out your chosen implements but I decided to select some others from the large selection available. One in particular I knew would be severe and you looked delighted at my choice.
    Stripped and restrained over the bench I pondered my fate. You have a very warm personality but deep down I knew you were a sadist. To be considered for filming I was going to have to pass your audition. Instead of the casting couch, I was on the casting bench with no means of escape. Being restrained is my preference and probably always will be.
    Although I am experienced, the first session with a Mistress is a journey into the unknown. And yesterday was no exception.
    I knew from the start you knew what you wanted and how you were going to achieve it. During any first session, I have to trust my Mistress and believe I can take the punishment I am about to receive.
    After a brief warm up you selected one of your chosen canes and started to land rapid strokes. Individually they were not particularly hard but when strokes keep landing on the same small area in rapid succession pain builds very quickly. I felt relieved when you put the cane down but then I noticed you had picked up the multi-tailed flogger I had selected and which I knew would be severe. The first lash almost took my breath away as the wicked strands of leather bit into my bum quickly followed by subsequent lashes that really challenged me. You knew you were hurting me but you did not ease up until you decided to give me a little much-needed respite.
    You have the ability to administer implements hard from both sides which means that both bum cheeks receive more or less equal attention. Few Mistresses can do that.
    Once into your stride, you relished in administering sets of each implement you picked up which consisted of ten strokes from each side so twenty in total. Each stroke was now hard and I found at times I was at risk of clenching which is a surefire sign of intense pain. I was struggling but both of us were by now totally in the zone. Once there I can keep taking pain and rely on my Mistress knowing when to stop.
    At one point I asked to see a photo you had taken and knew I could take a lot more although did not tell you that then. You did give me some short breaks showing you do care for your slaves and that demonstrates I can trust you. When trust is established we can and will go further in the future. The prospect really excites me.
    When I thought you might be about finished you knelt down beside me and put your arm around me to ask how I was. I knew you wanted me to take more and I could not refuse when I saw your beautiful smile. There was no option but to smile back and agree to continue. You then told me because my birthday is the 3rd of April I would be given three further sets in other words sixty strokes I knew I could take them and I wanted them but they were the most difficult yet with the cane and severe flogger biting even harder than before. Even then you were not finished. I was by now bleeding a lot and could feel the spray and splatter after every stroke which turned both of us on.
    The first sessions do not come any better. You may be a sadist but you are also a beautiful smiling and caring person. Next time filming I hope.

    Your CP slave